Terms & Conditions

By purchasing our Opencart module extension, you are agree to:

1. This Opencart commercial module extension is NOT FREE. You must purchase this item to get your genuine license certificate number. License Certificate Number is similar with your Order ID number.

2. License usage terms are "Per-Owner".On another word, we give you a STANDARD UNLIMITED LICENSE (until 31 December 2020) for all websites which are belongs to you only. This means if you own multiple online shops in your name or your company name, you may reuse the same license. If you are hired by clients to work on their online shops or other online shops that do not directly belong to you, you must purchase new license per client.

3. Free Technical support only valid for 1 website and for 12 MONTHS period of time only. If you need our technical support after 12 months, you have to pay another additional service charges.
    # minimum fee = RM60 (or USD15) Per Job for 1 module extension

4. If you install this module/extension on your own others website and need our help for technical support, you have to pay another additional service charges:
# minimum fee = RM60 (or USD15) Per Job for 1 module extension

5. Technical support including :-
    a) Installation service
    b) Fix Errors Service

6. Re-selling our extension/module is NOT permitted. You may not redistribute our extension/module through any means. You may not place either OpencartMY.com, in modified or unmodified form, on a removable storage medium, e-mail, website, or any other medium for the purpose of redistribution. You can not claim intellectual or exclusive ownership to any of our products. Can't claim this downloaded extension/module as your own, please respect the effort and time spent to accomplish this work

7. Due to our business dealing entirely in electronic goods, it is not possible for us to issue a refund once you have received our extension/module. However, if our extension/module does not working or not fully functional with your website as described and our support team also failed to fix the problem within 10 days from the date of purchased, so then we will be happy to provide you with a refund. But with one condition that your opencart website core files are not modified by others developer modules/extensions and still our extension/module does not working. There is no refund just because you simply do not want it.

8. We provide updates for all purchased items at no cost within a specific Opencart version release only. We reserve the right to discontinue any future updates to this extension/module at any time. But you still can use the purchased item for as long as you like.

9. We reserve the right to modify any or all of this Terms & Conditions at any time without prior notice.

10. Extensions that already bought and downloaded are not refundable or exchangeable.

11. Only buyers who have genuine license certificate number will get full support and updates. Otherwise, your name/e-mail/website will get listed publicly as scam for the caused of misuse and steal our extension/module and we will take action against you.

For any queries related to this document or license please contact OpencartMy Studio support via e-mail [email protected]

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